Correct Responses

We all have those moments where we are provided an opportunity to crack a joke or make a comment based on the situation. Sometimes these comments can turn into pick-up lines (whether intended or not). Unfortunately, I’ve missed MANY wonderful opportunities for the “correct response”.

Just such an opportunity presented itself last night and I rose to the occasion. Several of us were at Electric Cowboy sitting at a table. Six or seven girls moved to the table immediately to our right (by immediately, I mean we were almost touching shoulders). Anyway, I was FREEZING and I said that to the girl sitting next to me. She replied I needed to get out on the dance floor to warm up but to be careful and not get hurt like she did. I asked how she got hurt and she told me a wonderful story about how it was her birthday and she rode the bull and got thrown and hurt her leg “and there is a big knot – feel it”. She grabbed my hand and put it on her shin where in fact there actually was a HUGE knot. Being the gentleman that I am, I placed her foot on my knee and started massaging the knot – after a few seconds I slipped my left had up her pant leg to get a little more direct pressure on the injury (and before anyone asks the only complaint I heard was that she hadn’t shaved her legs). It was about this time that I stopped massaging, looked her right in the eye, stuck out my hand and said “I probably should introduce myself since I already have my hand in your pants”. She just about fell off the stool laughing.  Needless to say, that was a hell of an ice breaker.  😉

We talked for a while and I bought her table a round of jello shots (there were two birthdays at the table after all). Unfortunately, that was the round that got them kicked out of Cowboy.

Curiously enough, as I was writing this I figured out that I might have missed a couple of other correct responses. No really, I am that slow. I bet every girl that reads this can pick out at least 2 missed opportunities – most of the guys will still be scratching their heads.

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