Having grown up with “old school” vampire movies like Dracula, I have a bit of a problem with a lot of the new age vampire movies.  I mean come on, what fun is it when vampires walk into the sun and sparkle (Twilight)? Really?  Well, I have to admit that a LOT of the old school vamp rules apply in Daybreakers, but not all and some new weird rules (even for vamp movies) are thrown in to boot!

The premise of the movie is that someone is bitten by a bat in 2009 and this starts a daisy chain effect until pretty much everyone world wide gets turned by 2015.  To feed all these vamps, the government creates an army of hunters to track down the few remaining hiding humans.  An anti-hero in the form of a drug company creates an empire based on the farming of the captured humans.  They do this by hooking them up to machines that keep them “alive” while still producing blood.    The drug company (a slightly exaggerated version of the greediness of some of todays big drug companies. IMHO)  is making money hand over fist while “researching” a replacement blood substitute and selling the harvested human blood to a starving world.

Ok, I can’t say much more without giving away things, so here is my opinion.  This is definitely a $1 movie kind of show – don’t pay full price.  I’ve seen reviews that say this is a B- movie – and while I agree that the special effects were pretty good and the concept was different, the movie didn’t live up to it’s potential.  The cast was pretty good and the acting was much better than your typical ‘B’ movie vampire flick but there is no way this should be a big box office winner.  Sorry!

I would rate this movie about a C-.

Things to note:

  • Blood mixed in coffee is the latte of 2015 (sorry, I’m not a big fan of iron in my coffee).
  • Make sure to read the news paper clippings and listen to the news footage that is shown during the credits before the movie starts – they give you lots of info you don’t get by watching the actual movie.

Oh, and for a laugh, check out the parody of Twilight New Moon called “New Moon in a Minute” on YouTube!

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