Facebook Scams

Come on people, wake up and smell the coffee!  Pretty much any group that says something like “WHEN 65% OF YOUR FRIENDS JOIN, YOU WILL GET…”, don’t believe them!  It’s a hoax.  I’ve seen a BUNCH of these groups popping on on FaceBook lately and they are bogus.

What blows my mind is that there doesn’t appear to really be anything in it for the hoaxer (except a big group of easily hoaxed followers).  Additionally, it amazes me that so many people are so easily convinced to do something.  Trust me, joining a group is NOT going to give you a “dislike button” (yes, there is a FireFox plug in that kind of will, but…) or allow you to change your FaceBook theme!

There is a FB group that tries to monitor some of the FaceBook scams (they can’t publish them as fast as people can come up with them).  You can see a list here. If everyone would use some common sense and say “does this make sense?” there would be fewer hoaxes.

On a similar note, when you get an e-mail, think about it!  Does what this e-mail say make sense?  If it were true, would it NOT have made the news?  For instance:  Did President Obama really put his left hand over his heart while doing the pledge?   What about the “Unnamed App” in FaceBook that harbours a spybot?  An excellent place to research this type of info is http://www.Snopes.Com/.  It has info on tons of rumours and urban legions.

Come on people, spend 5 minutes and research stuff instead of becoming a sheep and letting the hoaxers win!

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