Sex and the City

My daughter forced me to watch this movie.  The funny thing is, she had never watched the TV show or the first movie – I have no idea what possessed her to want to see this one.  I tried to convince her that it wasn’t what she was expecting (even though I have no real idea WHAT she expected) – but her being the stubborn chick she is, we went anyway. 

As far as what I thought of the movie…  It had a few laughs and if you watched the TV show even occasionally, it was about par for the course.  The funniest thing in the movie was about three quarters of the way through when my daughter said (quite loudly) “get the mic out of the picture”, which elicited more laugher from the theater than any of the jokes in the movie.  After it was over she said “it was like Where’s Waldo with a boom mic”….   Wow..   I give it about a 5.5 (with 2 being for the Waldo moments).

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