Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This movie could have been a feature length ‘After School Special‘ written by Philip K. Dick, produced by Stan Lee and directed by Jackie Chan.

Here is why I say that: The movie was basically a teen morality play (an ‘After School Special‘ if you will) that had a real comic book kind of feel to it (Stan Lee) and LOTS of martial arts action scenes (Jackie Chan).  The plot was kind of twisted and surreal (even without the comic book feel and martial arts scenes) and felt like something that Philip K. Dick might have wrote.  Honestly, it felt like the 60’s Batman TV show had a collision with Resident Evil.

I have a good friend that is a serious SciFi fan.  After reading several Philip K. Dick books, he went to see the movie “Total Recall” and told me that when he saw the movie was based on a book by Philip K. Dick, he almost got up and walked out because he wasn’t sure he would be able to handle Dick’s twisted plots as a movie (which from this friend is high praise for an author).

I would give Scott Pilgrim vs. the World about 6 (I should probably make it a little higher than that, but it is what it is)…  We laughed quite a bit, and we felt for the characters (trust me, they were ALL characters).    Worth a watch.

For a more serious and in depth review of the film, check out

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