Open Mind

A friend of mine this week made the comment that he just couldn’t understand why one girl would want to kiss another girl. I had to laugh and say that I couldn’t see why she wouldn’t.

My theory is that our difference in opinion is based on differing points of view. He (maybe a bit TOO) loudly proclaims his heterosexuality whereas I like to think of myself as “normal” (most of the people that really know me are probably laughing their asses off or trying to come up with some twisted definition for normal they can make work here).  😉

The difference in our views toward girls kissing is probably related to our differing ways of looking at the same situation.  From his perspective, a girl shouldn’t want to kiss another girl because he sure doesn’t want to kiss a guy.  I, the other hand, can totally understand why a girl would be willing to kiss another girl – because, to me, girls are fun to kiss.

Anyway, I guess you could sumarize my position by using the old saying “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. If there is something that I like doing with a girl, why should I assume that a girl wouldn’t like doing it to another girl?

Hmmmm… I better quit this line of thinking before I take it to the next level and come up with a explination for a dating slump that I don’t really want to consider…

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