The Nice Guy Lie

I have an observation that I hope isn’t too stereotypical and that may be totally wrong….  It certainly isn’t earth shattering or new (even for me – I’ve seen it in action for over 20 years), but it seems to be repeated over and over. Unfortunately, I don’t think most guys have figured it out yet….

How many of you have heard the “nice guy lie”?  What’s the nice guy lie, you ask…  Well, it’s when a girl says “I just want to find a nice guy” or “all of the nice guys are taken”.

So what’s the lie part?  It’s that the girl thinks (or at least wants others to think) she wants a nice guy, when in fact, she wants a bad boy.  Now don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t want the bad boy exactly the way he is – she isn’t stupid – she know he’s a bad boy – but she can change him (whoops, wrong rant)!

Curiously, most girls lament the lack of nice guys immediately AFTER a bad boy breaks her heart (of course, she is “too upset” to actually get involved with anyone during this period). The irony is that the complaint is usually made to a nice guy (which she probably thinks of more as a girl friend than as potential dating material – OUCH).

Now with that said, what can guys do? Well, we have two choices – either get used to being a door mat OR become a bad boy. Of course, the nice guy will usually choose to be the door mat instead of a heart breaker but that’s in the job description……

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