Love or Obsession

Have you ever noticed that what one person thinks of as love can appear to be an obsession to others?

For instance, John Hinkley Jr. was so obsessed with Jodie Foster that in 1981 he attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan to get her attention. In Hinkley’s letter to Foster, right before the assassination attempt, he wrote “…I love you very much”.  I bet Jodie Foster and the vast majority of psychologists would say that this wasn’t love but actually a full blown obsession.

In everyday life we see similar (if less blatant) situations where obsession is confused for love. We also see situations where the line is blurred…. is it really love or is it an obsession? Is the couple that fights like cats and dogs, break up and get back together really in love or is it a mutual (or not) obsession? Is the person that pines away for their “soul mate” really in love with that person or are they obsessed with them? Is the person that “won’t give up” really madly in love or obsessed?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer theses questions and neither can the person involved. Why? Because the obsessed will almost always believe that it’s love.

So, do you know anyone that thinks they are “in love” that you think is obsessed? Could others think that about you? Could they be right?

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