Have you noticed….

Memories that should be cherished, are forgotten.
Actions that should be forgotten, are remembered.
Transgressions that should be forgiven, are harboured.
Events that should never have happened, haunt you.

Relationships that are over, rekindle.
Friendships that should last, are temporary.
Acquaintances that could be friends, remain distant.
Love that should be eternal, is unrequited.

Relationships that should never have been, are.
Relationships that should give strength, destroy you..
Friends that should be there for you, disappear.
Beginnings that never happen, can still be missed.
Love that should soften your heart, hardens it.

Love can be forfeited over a misunderstanding.
Friendships can be ended with a word.
Relationships can die from neglect.
Horrible things can be rationalized.

An avalanche can be caused by a sound.
A word is a sound that can cause an avalanche of emotion.

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