Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

How many of you have thought, “why can’t I find Mr. or Ms. Right”? But the real question is, are you REALLY looking for Mr. Right or are you looking for Mr. Right Now? How can you tell?

Who knows, but I have a theory! Erma Bombeck wrote a book several years ago entitled “The Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank” and while I’ve never read the book, the title inspires me. Why, because it’s my opinion that if you are looking for “greener grass”, you are probably going to find Mr Right NOW with his roots sucking nutrition from that sceptic tank!

Think about it, how many of your friends have walked away from a good person (maybe Mr Right), because they saw something “better”? Only to figure out (maybe too late) that the person they saw really wasn’t “better”… just greener? How many times is Mr Right passed over for a Mr Right Now? How many times is Mr Right, dumped for a Mr Right Now?

I guess I’m back on my old soap box. My advice is to TRY not to overlook the good, for the greener…. Remember, green is the color you turn in the morning after a long night of drinking…. Green is not always your friend! 🙂

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