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What’s your Relationship Quotient?

Your RQ is how you look at a given relationship vs. how the other person looks at the same relationship. To figure out your RQ, you need to determine how each side looks at the relationship on a 1 to 5 scale.

5 – Wow
4 – Interested
3 – Worth teasing if no one else is around (or, you’re drunk)
2 – Slightly above contempt
1 – Who?

Now, compare your feelings on the above scale to the other persons…..

5-5 True love
4-4 Dating material
5-3 Frustration
3-3 Fun but no future
1-5 Stalker

So, what’s your RQ???

The Nice Guy Lie

I have an observation that I hope isn’t too stereotypical and that may be totally wrong….  It certainly isn’t earth shattering or new (even for me – I’ve seen it in action for over 20 years), but it seems to be repeated over and over. Unfortunately, I don’t think most guys have figured it out yet….

How many of you have heard the “nice guy lie”?  What’s the nice guy lie, you ask…  Well, it’s when a girl says “I just want to find a nice guy” or “all of the nice guys are taken”.

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