Old Dog / Young Dog

I’ve got some friends that have a beautiful old golden retriever. He is very mellow and laid back. They also have a young dog (I don’t know what kind he is). The young dog is SO hyper he about drives me nuts but he is very friendly (he’s come close to knocking me off my feet more than once). The young dog will meet you at the door, bark at you and then bloody well expect to be petted. The old dog has a tendency to watch from the sidelines when the young dog is in the room but give him ANY attention and he is your best buddy – totally sweet and absolutely loving and adorable.

I’ve always heard that men are dogs… At my age, I should probably take that as a complement!

Fantasies and Realizations

I went to the Gettys show at Flying Saucer last night and, as usual, the band was awesome. The place was packed and most of the band followers I know were there. I managed to stay through one set before a combination of pain and longing made me bolt. The pain was easily explainable (a combination of not enough beer, a bad back, standing up too long and sore ribs from a hacking cough) but the longing part took a bit of introspection (more beer might have helped here too).

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What’s your Relationship Quotient?

Your RQ is how you look at a given relationship vs. how the other person looks at the same relationship. To figure out your RQ, you need to determine how each side looks at the relationship on a 1 to 5 scale.

5 – Wow
4 – Interested
3 – Worth teasing if no one else is around (or, you’re drunk)
2 – Slightly above contempt
1 – Who?

Now, compare your feelings on the above scale to the other persons…..

5-5 True love
4-4 Dating material
5-3 Frustration
3-3 Fun but no future
1-5 Stalker

So, what’s your RQ???

The Nice Guy Lie

I have an observation that I hope isn’t too stereotypical and that may be totally wrong….  It certainly isn’t earth shattering or new (even for me – I’ve seen it in action for over 20 years), but it seems to be repeated over and over. Unfortunately, I don’t think most guys have figured it out yet….

How many of you have heard the “nice guy lie”?  What’s the nice guy lie, you ask…  Well, it’s when a girl says “I just want to find a nice guy” or “all of the nice guys are taken”.

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