Ubuntu Dynamic DNS Update for OpenDNS

Let me start by saying that I’m a firm believer in both Ubuntu and OpenDNS.  The problem I had was getting OpenDNS setup to correctly identify the IP address assigned by my ISP.   I have a WiFi router that doesn’t automatically update OpenDNS, so I needed a way to keep OpenDNS updated when my IP address changes.   Keep in mind that in a configuration like this (pretty common) my computer’s IP address is NOT the IP address that OpenDNS needs to identify my computer so scripts running on the computer can’t easily identify the routers external address.  Continue reading Ubuntu Dynamic DNS Update for OpenDNS

Bowling and sex…..

I went bowling last week and I made a few observations. Basically, I noticed that there are several different styles of bowling. Some people use a HUGE ball and see how hard they can throw it down the lane, for them accuracy isn’t as big a deal as simply pounding the pins. Some use a small ball and roll it easy, for these people accuracy matters more. The guys that throw the big ball hard and accurately are in the PBA.

The real epiphany came after bowling…. sex is a bit like bowling… The size of the ball isn’t as important if the accuracy is good enough. When you consistently hit the sweet spot, you don’t have to hit it too hard. If the ball is big enough and thrown hard enough, accuracy isn’t as important.  Or so I’ve been told….

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